Quick Update & Special Announcement

Hi All!

Just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I’m still alive and well in the blogosphere — in fact, I have an exciting announcement! I have my own, new shiny domain, and soon I will be moving my blog — with a shiny new name — over there! I’m not quite ready for visitors, so I won’t be giving you the link just yet, but stay tuned! I can’t wait to share it with you!

Until then –

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Day 19: 5 Blogs I Read On A Regular Basis

This was a little difficult, as I’ve been out of the blogging world for awhile, and after a quick survey of the blogs I used to follow regularly — the majority of them personal friends — most of them haven’t been updated for years. But there are a few left that are worth sharing:

It’s a Coffee Coloured World – I would be remiss not to list Cynthia’s blog first, as she has been by far the most loyal follower of my own neglected blog. She is a “Wiffer” — the term coined for followers of the Will Write for Wine podcast I mentioned a few posts back. She and I keep in touch on a regular basis and try to encourage each other to stay on task with our writing goals. Of course, it’s a bit like the proverbial wolf guarding the chicken coop, but without her I probably would have given up a long time ago.

Pamela Cayne – Another “Wiffer” and romance novelist. We used to call her “Pimp-My-Mixer Pam” because of her obsession with tricked-out KitchenAid mixers. I still often think of her as “Pimp”.  I love her writing — it always makes me smile. She’s also the best cheerleader a writer could ever have.

Starkeyland This is the blog of my former high school English teachers, Mr. & Mrs. Starkey. They were the ones who first opened my eyes to the magic of writing. Both now retired, Mr. Starkey blogs about books, food and politics; Mrs. Starkey blogs about books, food, grandchildren and surviving breast cancer & a double mastectomy. It is a delightful blog, but I didn’t include a link, because I think it’s just meant to be a personal blog for family and friends. However, a google search will get you there if you’re really interested. I doubt they would mind. 

Paula Reed – I stumbled upon Paula’s blog many years ago, long before my kids started attending the high school where she happens to be an English teacher. After the tragedy at the school in 1999, she took a break from teaching to write romance novels. She is back teaching and also continues to write. Sadly, she has never been one of my kids’ teachers and I have never met her in person, but I’ve enjoyed her posts about everything from parenting to writing over the years.

momumo – This is one of my very best friends from junior high and high school (yes, we called it “junior high” in my day). She hasn’t blogged for awhile (ahem) but hers has always been my favorite blog. She insists, rather loudly sometimes, that she’s not a writer, but I am envious of her ability to pull an entertaining, hilarious, laugh-until-you-pee post out of her ass at any given moment. If you want a good belly laugh, go visit her and maybe we can get her to post more often. (Sorry, momumo, I had to do it.)

Over the course of this challenge, I’ve discovered many new blogs that I plan to follow on a regular basis. Thanks again to Tiffany. I’ve had a ball with this so far.

Come join the fun at FabulousFindsByTiffany.com

Come join the fun at FabulousFindsByTiffany.com