About Kim

Kimberly Foley lives in Littleton, Colorado with her wonderful, patient husband, two brilliant sons, and her very spoiled Chocolate Lab. She has managed to stay married for 21 years, despite owning and running a small business with her husband, and not being a very good housekeeper.

One cold November morning, Kim woke up and discovered, to her bewildered horror, that she had somehow turned forty. Even worse, she had never gotten around to writing that great American novel she always said she would write. Now, while some of you will argue that forty is “not THAT old”, Kim was having a hard time convincing herself of this, especially after one of the children brought home a thick blue book with a picture of a dragon on the front that had been written by a fourteen year old. So she sat her butt down and started to write a few meager words everyday. After about a year, she finally had enough words written to qualify as a novel. Now she just has to figure out how to revise it and convince someone it might be worthy of publishing, and wondering, “Why the hell did I start this?”

So now she has started this blog in hopes of connecting with others on a similar path, to cheer for them while they (hopefully) cheer for her. So really, this isn’t a way for her to avoid revisions and writing a synopsis, it’s a public service. She truly hopes you believe that.


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  1. Jim O'Brien
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 19:09:55


    I found your site via the mention of Earl Abbott. I am researching the Abbott family as my wife is an Abbott also descending from Albert Herbert Abbott, your great-great grandfather. Her father’s name is Earl as well.

    Would like to exchange Abbott info if you would like.


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